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About us

Founded in 1995, Wuxi Xishan Anda explosion-proof electrical equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the production and development of all kinds of high and low voltage explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motors and explosion-proof electrical equipment, which is also the member enterprises of State Petroleum and Chemical Industry, China National Chemical Equipment Corporation sentinel production units, Compressor Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association governing units, and the China Petrochemical Group equipment resources market. The products are widely used in the flammable or hazardous places such as petroleum, coal, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry. The company has been involved in the revision of the national standards system and industry standards, has established a long-term relationship and maintained friendly and widely technical exchanges with Scientific Research Institute, like Shanghai Automation Instrumentation System Testing Institute, Nanjing University and other famous universities and research institutes.

Not only did the company has strong production strength, fully-equipped testing facilities, advanced production technology, but also the domestic first-class heavy-duty CNC lathe, large floor type boring and milling machine, the large dedicated keyway milling, coil winding machine, reshaping machine, taping machine, medium frequency induction welding machine, over sixty sets of processing centers and automated welding equipment, large-scale advanced production equipment, advanced V.P.I vacuum pressure Impregnation system for the treatment of motor insulation, which can meet the heat resistance of the motor windings, high pressure resistance, impact resistance, anti-corona high standards, also equipped with a 1200KVA frequency test unit for product testing, all products the company production is tested in accordance with IEC standard requirements, test standard rate is 100%. 

The company has smoothly achieved the ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate; the ATEx Certificate, the IECEx Certificate; CE Certificate; LVD Certificate; EMC Certificate; Certificate of Registration which audited by Germany TUV and issued by Global Market; National Industrial Production License Certificate; National Mining Product Safety Certificate; Export Product Quality Permit Certificate; Consignor Declaration Registration Certificate of Import and Export Goods; National Explosion-proof Electrical Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center License, State-level Instrumentation Explosion-proof Certificate and so on.

The major products in company are including low-voltage explosion-proof three-phase induction motors, explosion-proof high-voltage three-phase induction motors and ordinary high-voltage three-phase induction motors.

Low-voltage explosion-proof motors (voltage 380-1140V, center height 63 - 355mm) including YB2 series explosion-proof motors (ExdI, ExdIIAT4, ExdIIBT4,ExdIICT4) and YB3 series high efficiency explosion-proof motors (ExdI Mb, ExdIIAT4 Gb, ExdIIBT4 Gb,ExdIICT4 Gb ); in addition, there have various explosion-proof motors which based on YB2 and YB3 basic series motors, including YBF2 and YBF3 series explosion-proof motors for fan; YBK2 and YBK3 series explosion-proof motors for Coal Mines; YB2-W、TH、THW, TA, TAW and YB3-W、TH、THW, TA, TAW series explosion-proof motors ; YBGB, YBGB-W series In-line Pumps flameproof motors; YBEJ series explosion-proof electromagnetic braking motors; YBD series explosion-proof polar-changeable and multispeed motors; YBBP Series Flameproof variable-frequency Adjustable-speed motors (80-500mm); YFB Series Dust-proof Explosion-proof Motors; YB3-H series Marine explosion-proof motors.

Explosion-proof high-voltage three-phase induction motors (voltage 3-10KV) including YB series explosion-proof high-voltage motors (frame size 355-560mm); YB2 series explosion-proof high-voltage Compact-typed motors (frame size 355-560mm); YAKK YAKS series explosion-proof high-voltage Increased-safety motors (Frame size 355-800mm).

Ordinary high-voltage three-phase induction motors (voltage 3-10KV) including Y series high-voltage motors (355-800mm); YKK series high-voltage motors (355-800mm); YKS series high-voltage motors (355-800mm); Y2 series Compact-typed high-voltage motors (355-560mm).

Wuxi Xishan Anda explosion-proof electrical equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to achieve great-leap-forward development,providing the best technological solutions to the enterprise and various electrical application fields. Holding the goal of best satisfying the new and old customers, the company will sincerely serve the customers heart and soul as well as stride towards bright future together!

Qualification certificate
O.E.M. Customer
Wuxi Compressor Co.,Ltd. Xiangtan Compressor Co.,Ltd.
Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory. Chengdu Tianchen Compressor Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Jinkaiwei Compressor Co.,Ltd. Bengbu Hongshen Compressor Co.,Ltd.
Jiangxi Southern Coal Mill Factory Jiangxi An Rui Blower Factory
Jinagxi Gas Compressor Co.,Ltd. Liuzhou Di Yi Air Compressor Factory
Huaxi Dachuan Compressor Co.,Ltd. Zigong Sanqiang Compressor Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Tiangao Diaphragm Compressor Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Water Pump Factory
Jiangxi An Yuan Blower Factory Shanxi An Yun Blower Factory
Jiangxi Di Er Gas Compressor Factory Liuzhou Di Er Air Compressor Factory
SiChuan Southern Compressor Co.,Ltd. Hebei Wuqiao Air Compressor Factory
Bengbu Zhengda Compressor Co.,Ltd. Ji’nan Diesel Engine Factory
Pingxiang Kerui Blower Factory  
Corporate events

1. In April 1994,began to build Wuxi An Da explosion-proof electrical equipment factory
The first generation of products.

2. In June 1994, the company successfully developed the first generation of products: BBF series explosion-proof fan and BFD-1000/1200 explosion-proof ceiling fan.

3. In 1996, the company changed its name to Wuxi Xishan An Da explosion-proof electrical equipment Co., Ltd, developed explosion-proof air-conditioner and explosion-proof warping winch.

4. In 1997, the company developed and manufactured fractional horsepower explosion-proof motor YBSO63-90, formally entered the field of explosion-proof motor production.

5. In 1999, the company developed explosion-proof motor YB80-132, at the same time, the company started to carry out ISO9001 certification.

6. In 2000 , the company product range covered to YB280, the full implementation of the permit system started to be carried out, moreover, the company received the first provincial production license, formally entered the explosion-proof motor manufacturer directory.

7. In 2001, the company trial-produced YB315-355.

8. In 2002, the company joined the China General Machinery Industry Association Branch of compressor.

9. In October 2004, the company acquired National Industrial Products Production License.

10. In 2005, the company has become a member enterprise of Sinopec Group equipment resources market.

11. In 2007, the first high-voltage motor (Y450-500KW-4P-10KV) put in production.

12. In May 2007, the company merged with another motor manufacturing enterprise in order to enlarge the scale, at the same time, a set of high-voltage electrical type test equipment was acquired.

13. In October 2007, the company successfully trial-produced the first increased-safety explosion-proof motor of YAKS710-800kw-16P-6KV.

14. In November 2008, the new factory was completed, the old factory moved to the new factory and then the new company has entered a brand new stage of development.

15. In April 2009, the first IIC high-voltage motor YB710-280KW-12P-10KV was successfully trial-produced.

16. In May 2009, the company participated in the unified design of National YB3 Motors.

17. In October 2009, the company participated in the competition in the International Market, and started to apply for IECEX ATEX certification.

18. In November 2012, the company officially signed a cooperation agreement with the Australian CEG company.

19. In April 2013, the company achieved IECEX certification.

20. In August 2013, the company achieved ATEX certification. All Rights Reserved.